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#1 Email Re-Marketing for Virtuemart.

Main features:

* Order followups
* Abandoned cart recovery
* Inactive customers reminders
* Product recommendations
* Feedback request
* Drip campaigns

Don't let first sale turn into a last sale

Email Remarketing for VirtueMart

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Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes - Plugin


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Dynamic coupons for VirtueMartDynamic AwoCoupon

Dynamic AwoCoupon Codes for VirtueMart Email Manager.

Dramatically increase customer loyalty and retention with personal coupons!

This extremely powerful plugin lets you automaticaly generate new personal AwoCoupons for VirtueMart's email templates. It is already included in our new Virtuemart Emails Manager Pro for free.

You can add it to the standard Emails Manager components or to use it together with our FREE Order Follow-up plugin - J1.5.

For example - The "Order Confirmation" email is an excellent opportunity to offer your customers a gift coupon for their next purchase... Only $19.99 - Get it now.


VirtueMart Email Editor

Important! Read this before you continue:

If you are looking for a way to add automatic trigger based emails to your store, send abandoned cart recovery emails, sequences of order followup emails, or simply wake up call to dormant customers, you must check our latest product: Remarkety

How it works?

After installing this plugin, you will be able to use a special TAG inside the Emails Manager or Order Followup email templates. This tag generates a new AwoCoupon and adds it to the email.

The parameters for the new AwoCoupon are taken from a template coupon and duplicates these parameters for the new coupon.

You can override the expiration date and the user list with the parameters of the tag.

Example: [COUPON_AWO:77|14|current]

Latest version is 3.0 - Compatibel with VirtueMart 2.0:

  • Override Expiration date
  • Set the coupon for specific customer
  • pre-text
  • post-text
  • coupon style
  • send to specific order status

You can offer a gift coupon to your customers for their next purchase right inside VirtueMart system emails. A real sales booster!

Coupon Parameters

The parameters for the coupons are (all 3 are required):

  • AwoCoupon ID: Must be a real AwoCoupon ID. The plugin will create a new coupon code (duplicate) with the same parameters based on this coupon.
  • Expiration date: You can set a numeric value for number of days from the time the email is sent or set to 'default' to use the parameters from the original AwoCoupon.
  • User: If set to 'current', the coupon will be valid only for the current user. Use 'default' to take the parameters from the original AwoCoupon.

See full AwoCoupon documentation here

Tag usage

Use the following example coupon tag inside email templates in order to create dynamic AwoCoupon:




Once the Plugin identifies this tag inside the email, it dynamically creates a new AwoCoupon code and adds it both to AwoCoupon component and to the email's body.

The newly created email might look like this: 4C504BCF71082

Working together with the Emails Manager

After you enable this plugin, you will see inside the Emails Manager a new set of coupon parameters options under "Dynamic coupons (AwoCoupon compatible) template variables" on the right side of each email template.

It should look like the following example:


How to create a new AWO coupon? click to read the post in our forum.

Prefix and Suffix text

You might want to add text before or after the coupon. This is usually relevant when you want to send the coupon only for specific order status and do not want these texts to appear in all emails.

Use standard HTML or plain text for this option.

Order status

You can choose which order status notification will include the coupon code + prefix/suffix text. For example, you might want that the coupon will be sent only to "order complete" email status notification.

For other order status notification, the coupon tag will be removed.

CSS Style

You can add any standard CSS style to decorate the Coupon text. Use the style box to add any styling.

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