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InteraMind 360 Suite

Dashboard, Reports and more...
Virtuemart reports dashboard 360

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VirtueMart Dashboard Extension

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Virtuemart Dashboard ExcelVirtueMart Dashboard

Be on top of your VirtueMart Statistics, at a glance

VirtueMart Dashboard Excel

Virtuemart Dashboard is used by corporate officers and store's business managers for keeping them on top of virtuemart's vital metrics. Virtuemart Dashboard will help you visualize and track trends on every level of your business and to align activities with key goals.

This is accomplished by providing one consolidated view of the store's key information, empowering managers to make the right decisions and improve overall business performance.

Virtuemart Dashboard is part of the "InteraMind 360 Suite" package that provides all levels of analysis to your VirtueMart store. read more... '


virtuemart report dashboard excel

View VirtueMart key information at a glance

With Virtuemart Dashboard, it doesn't take more than a glimpse to view your store's key information. Great visualizations like charts, tables, maps and gauges will help you grasp in one brief look the main indicators of your store:
  • Total orders income per periodVirtueMart Dashboard Reports CSV
  • Orders list per period
  • Top best sellers per period
  • Total orders by country per period
  • Daily orders vs. 10 days moving average
  • Compare monthly income
  • last week average income compare to month/year average
  • Orders by status per period
  • Top buying and most loyal customers (Premium view)
  • People who bought this, also bought... (Premium view)
  • Products trends in the last year (Premium view)
  • Waiting list status (Premium view)

Drill down, alternate views, save to excel and other features

VirtueMart Dashboard provides these cool features to help you get answers easily and intuitively about your business:

  • Filter by date - View data for any period you choose, by selecting start and end dates, or by selecting one of the pre-set filters: 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last week', 'Last month', 'Last 3 month', 'Last 6 month', 'Last year', 'All'.
  • Intelligent visual design - Each piece of information is presented in the most effective way possible. By using the right chart or table, we ensure that data is best viewed and expressed.
  • Alternate views - VirtueMart Dashboard allows you to view some of the data in more than one way, for example, you may view orders by country in an interactive world map, or you may switch to view the same data in a table .
  • Sortable tables - All data tables can be sorted by any column. For example, you may sort the 'orders by country' table by total orders or by country.
  • Drill down - Sometimes you may want to look deeper into the information displayed in the dashboard. Some of the views allow you to do just that, for example, each of the entries in the 'orders by status' table is a link that opens VirtueMart list of the orders in that status.
  • Save to excel - Almost all of the views, even charts,  allow you to save the underlying data  as a CSV file, for further offline analysis.
  • Full customization - Add or remove views from the dashboard. Change the order of views to maximize efficiency.


VirtueMart Dashboard requires a standard Joomla! (1.5) and VirtueMart (1.1.2 or higher) installation + PHP 5.2 or higher.
In less than 5 minutes, you can start visualize and track your store's key indicators.

Once installation succeeded, you can download language files for free. Language files should be put under administrator/language/language-dir/ for example, put the french language file under administrator/language/fr-FR/.


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