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VirtueMart Dashboard - How To

Install and Uninstall

Install and Uninstall


  1. Download one of VirtueMart Dashboard install files: stand alone or as part of ViruteMart reporting and analytics package.
  2. In your administrator web site, go to Extensions Install/Uninstall.
  3. Go to Upload Package File and browse for the VirtueMart Dashboard install file.
  4. Press Upload file & Install.


  1. In your administrator web site, go to Extensions Install/Uninstall.
  2. Click on Components and then select VirtueMart Dashboard component.
  3. Click on Uninstall.

Getting Started

Getting Started with VirtueMart Dashboard


nce the installation completed, you are ready to start working with VirtueMart Dashboard. There is no further configuration or settings. Log in to your Joomla administrator site and select from the menu components VirtueMart dashboard. The dashboard  page will appear.

Dashboard structure


Fig. 1 - VirtueMart Dashboard columns structure

As shown in Fig. 1, you can see that the dashboard is comprised of two columns: the one on the left with blue frames and the one on the right with red frames. The different between the two columns is that the views with the red frames (right) can be filtered according to dates, while the views with the blue frames (left) will not be affected by the date filter.

Understanding the date filter

Fig. 2 - Date filter

There are 2 ways to work with the date filter:

  1. Select one of the preset periods, from the combo box. Notice that the 'From' and 'To' dates are changing and the background color turn into yellow.
  2. Manually select 'From' and 'To' dates. Again, the background color will turn into yellow.

Once you selected the time period, click on dateFilterButton button to activate the filter. The red frame views will be changed accordingly.

Changing Statuses

The Dashboard comes pre-configured with the statuses it regards as "completed orders". By default, these are: Confirmed and Shipped. However, you may have set up your own custom statuses and would like to display the new statuses. This is easily done by modifying the configuration file under:


For example, if you added a status with code T that you would like to regard as a completed order, change the line:

define("ENDSTATUSES", "'C','S'");


define("ENDSTATUSES", "'C','S','T'");

Of course you can also remove statuses.

Dashboard Views

The dashboard views

1. Total orders income per period

Fig. 3 - Total orders income per period view

Main display: he total store income in the period selected.
Alternate display: The average daily income in the period selected.
Download as CSV: No

2. Total orders by status

Fig. 4 - Total orders by status view

Main display: Pie chart containing total orders by statuses per selected period. Click on the chart for details of each segment
Alternate display: Data table view. Drill down by clicking on the status name. This will open the VirtueMat's detailed report of orders in this status.
Download as CSV: Yes

3. Orders list

Fig. 5 - Orders list view

Main display: Shows all orders in the selected period. Drill down by clicking on the order number or the user name.
Alternate display: None.
Download as CSV: Yes

4. Period top 5 best sellers

Fig. 6 - Period top 5 best sellers view

Main display: Data table view containing best selling products in the selected period.
Alternate display: All products in selected period.
Download as CSV: Yes

5. Total orders by country

Fig. 7 - Total orders by country view

Main display: Interactive world map showing total orders income from each country. The darker the map - the more orders from that area!
Alternate display: Data table view containing list of countries and total orders income from each country.
Download as CSV: Yes

6. All-time total orders income

Fig.8 - All-time total orders income view

Main display: All-time total orders amount.
Alternate display: Average order amount.
Download as CSV: No

7. Last week daily income average vs. month and year daily average

Fig.9 - Last week daily income average vs. month/year daily average view

Main display: These gauges show the overall "store health". The number displayed at the bottom is the daily average over the past week. The gauges show how this value compares to daily averages over the past month and over the past year. The highest value on the gauge is the highest daily income in that period. The yellow area represent ±5% of the daily average over the period.
Alternate display: None.
Download as CSV:No

8. Daily orders vs. 10 days moving average

Fig.10 - Daily orders vs. 10 days moving average view

Main display: A time-line chart containing two charts, red and blue. The blue line on the graph shows the daily store income. The red line shows the 10 day moving average.
Alternate display: None.
Download as CSV:Yes

9. Top 5 all-time best sellers

Fig.11 - all-time best sellers view

Main display: Data table of the best selling products, as measured by quantity sold. The total sales column shows the gross income from the product, not discounting for coupons or other offers.
Alternate display: Show all products.
Download as CSV:Yes

10. Monthly income

Fig.12 - Monthly income view

Main display: This bar chart shows total store income for the last 12 preceding months.
Alternate display: Monthly income comparison to the current day of month. For example, if the date today is Aug,11 , this view will show income of the last 12 preceding months until the 11th of each month.
Download as CSV:Yes

Settings Page

Settings Page

As shown in Fig. 13 below, the settings page is divided into two columns, same as the main dashboard page. On the left side there are lists of views that are not date filtered, while the lists on the right side are of date filtered views.

Views can be moved from the 'Available views' list to the 'Display views' list in order to display them in the dashboard. You can also select views and move them up or down the list in order to change the order they will be shown in the dashboard.

Use the upload box to upload new views to your dashboard. New views will be published from time to time by InteraMind. Once downloaded to your local computer, you can upload the new views to your dashboard.

Click 'Save' to keep your changes or 'Cancel' to discard your changes.

settingsFig.13 - Dashboard settings

Change Log

Change log

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.1.0

  • Add support to VM2.0 on top of Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.9

  • Add support for mysqli database driver.

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.8

  • Fix bug in monthly income view, where more than 12 month showed (Thank you Eric Hilliard).

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.7

  • Fix bug showing child products in best sellers views
  • Fix bug in installation, when upgrading existing component

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.6

  • Add language support - translations are welcome

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.5

  • Enhance views infrastructure to better support front-end views.

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.4

  • Add RSS news feed.
  • Improve views framework to support views with more than one control.

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.3

  • Bug fix in the views: "period orders list" and "Total orders by country", that sometimes caused them to show duplicate records (Thank you Larry Sainte-Marie).

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.2

  • Minor bug fix when saving settings that caused all views to be removed unless move up/down or right/left was done.

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0.1

  • Bug fix in calculation of values in the gauges view.
  • Add support for PHP with strict error reporting setting (Thank you Felix Pastron).

InteraMind VM dashboard v2.0

  • Full code rewirte into the MVC model
  • Add settings page
    • Add, remove and change order of views to customize it to your needs
    • Upload new views to your dashboard
  • Monthly income view was updated - toggle view to see comparison of each month income until the current day of month. See more below.

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