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VIrtueMart Email Manager - Standard edition

virtuemart_1.1 /virtuemart_2.0 Virtuemart 3.0
Joomla 1.5_native Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3

VirtueMart Email EditorVM Emails Manager

Editing VirtueMart emails has never been so easy!!!

Want to become professional? Tired of editing VM language files? With VirtueMart Emails Manager you can easily edit the content of the emails being sent by VirtueMart using a simple user interface - no coding or hacking required!

Design your own HTML emails for each email type like "Order Confirmation", "Order Status Changed", "Registration".

+85 reviews on JED - score 4.97 out of 5.0

Latest version is 3.1.1. Compatible with VirtueMart's latest version !

VirtueMart Registration Email Emails Manager Parameters Emails Manager Parameters 2 Status Changed Email

For each email template, you can use a complete list of Dynamic Labels like: order_id, customer_name, order_total, custom Bill To and Ship To addresses and a lot more (see separate tab for list).

The VirtueMart Email Editor uses Joomla's default editor in order to provide full control of the email's Look & Feel and add custom HTML, tables, images, language tags, style and much more.

Choose the right version for your needs

Standard Edition
Only 1 email template per type
(registration, confirmation, status changed)d)
Joomla 1.5_native joomla 1.7 joomla 2.5
VirtueMart 1 Virtuemart 2
1 Year Free Upgrades
1 Year Support for 1 Domain
Plus Edition
Multi-language Support !
Unlimited email variations
Different emails to different customers
FREE AWO Dynamic Coupons plugin ($20 value)
Drop shipping emails
Conditional content (customer segmentation)
joomla 1.7 joomla 2.5 joomla 3.0
Virtuemart 2 VirtueMart 3
1 Year Free Upgrades
1 Year Support for 1 Domain



virtuemart_1.1 /virtuemart_2.0
Joomla 1.5_native Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3

  • Edit VirtueMart Emails with HTML editor. Very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Add Dynamic Coupons codes inside emails with special parameters (Plugin included!!!).
  • Add Attachments to all email templates.
  • Send order status changed email only to specific statuses. Very powerful feature!
  • Edit order confirmation email.
  • Edit order status changed email.
  • Edit order confirmation email sent to the store admin.
  • Edit customer registration email.
  • Add product thumbnail to order confirmation email.
  • Add CC and BCC to emails (new!)
  •  Add articles contents into emails with advanced tags (new!)
  • Use separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields. Your own format for customer address.
  • Disable email fro specific order statuses (new!)
  • New custom field tags from "vm_user_info" DB table (new!)
  • Send HTML registration email template also when creating user via admin (new!)
  • Ability to add images/banners to emails (Marketing content inside your emails!!!).
  • Enable/Disable option for each VirtueMart email type.
  • Dynamic data is injected into the email using Dynamic Labels (see example list under "Dynamic Labels" Tab above).
  • Using custom data base fields from your system (orders and user_info tables).
  • Edit and update VirtueMart email text in less then 5 minutes!
  • Send test mail for each email type before using it.
  • Joomla! compatibility: 1.5.X, 2.5.x, 3.x
  • VirtueMart compatibility: 2.x, 1.x
  • PHP 5.2 and up.

Your everyday system emails can look like this:

Note: this template is not available with the product download package.

Example VirtueMart Email

Dynamic Labels

Which Dynamic Labels available for use inside an email templates?

Important - Dynamic AwoCoupons and Simple VirtueMart coupons tags are available only with the extra Coupons Plugin.

Some of the tags available are (this is not the full list):

  • Store Address/Details Full Header    
  • Full order items information
  • Bill To fields
  • Ship To fields
  • Site name    
  • Site URL    
  • Customer first name    
  • Customer last name    
  • Customer email    
  • Today date    
  • Order id    
  • Order status    
  • Bill To & Ship To Information    
  • Coupon discount    
  • Order date    
  • Order link    
  • Payment info details    
  • Customer note    
  • Order sub total    
  • Order shipping    
  • Order tax    
  • Order total    
  • Store name
  • Contact email

Advanced Tags:

  • Custom order fields - any field from "vm_orders" table.
  • Custom user info fields - any field from "vm_user_info" table.
  • Language tags- Example: [LANG:value_from_vm_language_file]. Any value from relevant VM language files (VirtueMart 1.9 only!).
  • Article ID tags - Example: [ARTICLE_ID:43]. You can use this advanced tag for sharing content from your site within emails.

Marketing Content

Marketing content within system emails!

The VMEE is not a newsletter marketing tool like Acajoom or AcyMailing.

However, any E-commerce and E-Marketing expert will tell you that you must take advantage of each email you send to your customer. So why not add smart marketing content into each mail your customer gets?

With this easy-to-use component you can start designing VirtueMart emails to look exactly how you want them to - with no coding or hacking need to be done by you!

Are you giving out excellent deal? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more!

Change Log

Change log

VirtueMart Emails Editor V3.0.3 (Joomla 2.5.x, VirtueMart 2.0.x)

  • Bug fix - Tax display issues in ITEMS_INFO tag


VirtueMart Emails Editor V3.0.1 (Joomla 2.5.x, VirtueMart 2.0.x)

  • Bug fix - The ITEMS_INFO tag does not show the tax details for some products (Thanks for Sjors van Elst for helping find this issue).

VirtueMart Emails Editor V3.0.0 (Joomla 2.5.x, VirtueMart 2.0.x)

  • Support Joomla 1.6, 2.5 and new VirtueMart 2.0.x

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.8 (Joomla 1.5.x, VirtueMart 1.9.x)

  • Bug fixes

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.7 (Joomla 1.5.x, VirtueMart 1.9.x)

  • [DAILY_TOTAL] tag is available in admin order confirmation + select the final statuses in parameters.
  • [PAYMENT_INFO_DETAILS] and [SHIPPING_INFO_DETAILS] tags are now available also in order status changed email.
  • Control the format of the "today date" tag.
  • Complete control over the "items information" tag display. This is the probably the most important tag.
  • Send order status changed only to specific statuses.
  • Add debug ability for better support.
  • Add detailed errors/warnings messages in case of failed installation.
  • Add detailed errors/warnings message in case of failed send test email.

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.6 (Joomla 1.5.x, VirtueMart 1.9.x)

  • New tag DAILY_TOTAL for admin order confirmation mail
  • Add detailed messages in case of failed installation.
  • Add detailed message in case of failed send test email.

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.5 (Joomla 1.5.x, VirtueMart 1.9.x)

  • Minor performance issues and bug fixes

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.4 (Joomla 1.5.x, VirtueMart 1.9.x)

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.3

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.2

  • Support adding attachments to all emails!
  • New Admin order confirmation HTML template
  • Support testing emails on real orders
  • Support testing emails on real customer for Registration email

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.1.0

VirtueMart Emails Editor V2.0.0

  •  Add CC and BCC to emails (new!)
  •  Add real articles contents into emails with advanced tags (new!)
  • Support advanced language tags from VM language files! (new!)
  • Support a new template for Download ID emails. (new!)
  • Support separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields (new!)
  • Possibility to completely disable emails (new!)
  • New custom field tags from "vm_user_info" DB table (new!)
  • Send HTML registration email template also when creating user via admin (new!)

VirtueMart Emails Editor V1.1.2

  • New! Add item image thumbnail to order confirmation
  • New! Add order full order details + item image thumbnail to change status notification
  • New! Add "status description" label.
  • More control over store address and logo header.
  • Fixed language support in test email.
  • Site URL bug fixed
  • Image path bug fixed
  • Add currency support in test email.
  • and more...

VirtueMart Emails Editor V1.0.3

  • "[SITEURL] not working properly" bug fixed.
  • Installation for systems with non-default database schema (jos_) fixed.

VirtueMart Emails Editor V1.0.2

  • "Test email validation" bug fixed.
  • Custom "Dynamic Labels" functionality added. Can add any field from vm_orders table to email templates.



VirtueMart Email Editor

This product is sold with 1 year full support + 1 year free upgrades for 1 domain only.

We are proud of our professional and dedicated support team. They will give you all the attention you need.

We are giving personal attention to each support ticket and always available over the phone/skype/email for questions and support.

The product is sold under GPL license.

Read what our customers think about us on Joomla! Extension Directory (JED).

If you a developer, you should consider to buy the "3 domains" or "5 domains" license.

Latest version is 3.0.7 released on Jun 2013 with VirtueMart 2.0 support (Dynamic VM Coupons plugin is included for free!!!)
Use your original Download ID to download the latest version.

For professional HTML email templates, please visit our favourite affiliate template provider - ThemeForest

Are you giving out excellent deal? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more!

Translation available for: French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Persian...

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