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File: Authentication by IP


This Joomla 1.5 security plugin simply restricts access to your Joomla! Admin Panel, based on the user's IP address.


  • Restrict access to Joomla! Admin Panel from public places.
  • Specify a "white list" of permitted IP address.
  • Specify a "white list" of user names who can access from any IP.
  • Allow access from any IP to group members, like "Super Admin", "Admin", etc.
  • Increase Joomla! security to Admin Panel.
  • Uses core Joomla Authentication + IP Authentication.
  • Joomla! 1.5 native.


  • Standard Joomla Plugin installation (Menu => Extensions => Insall/Uninstall).
  • After installation, make sure the plugin is "Enabled".
  • After the plugin is enabled, you should disable the core "Authentication - Joomla" Plugin.


  • Before uninstall - make sure you enable Joomla core Authentication Plugin.
  • Uninstall process is standard for Joomla 1.5

Important: Do not Uninstall before enabling the "Authentication - Joomla" Plugin!

If you want to show your support please rate and/or comment on the plugin at the official Joomla! Extensions page .

Your feedback is very important!

This plugin is released under the GNU/GPL license.

Have fun!

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